7-11 Shanghai service

This morning I was quite stressed because I could not make a phone call while I was on Shanghai’s Metro subway.

Then leaving the station, I figured that the card needed recharging, so I went to the closest 7-11 near that Changshu Rd Station.

I asked the 7-11 counter lady there if I could buy a card. She asked what company and answered NO. Three years ago at another convenience store I had purchased a specific card for a friend.

Then she added: there is a machine to add money to your cell phone account, pointing to the corner.

Once there, the machine had a stuck screen like Microsoft’s blue screen of death (software OS error screen), but before I could totally absorb the situation the clerk was there guiding me through the ATM.

There were at least a dozen different accounts that money could be added.

And the process was just as swift and easy as done at the China Mobile store, except for the 5% service fee.

Pleased at the ease of the transaction, I proceeded to buy some egg and bean curd edibles.

Then I ate them sharing a counter with a toddler and or grandmother.

It was such a pleasure getting things done and satisfy my base appetite that I ordered more bean curd snacks.

The employee was so very courteous and when I was done preparing to throw out the disposibles, she was there to do that for me.

Impressive and a great pleasure, will be back.

This is as opposed to the San Frqncisco 7-11 on Sutter St, in between Union Square and the Financial District. There after purchasing a Super Big Gulp of a diet soft drink, there was no place to sit or consume it.

I recall close to two years ago, the Indian (-American?) proprietor kept on throwing a fit that I was sitting on pallets in the corner of the store consuming the soft drink.

With the current president and people such as that, can anyone figure out why I am in San Francisco’s sister city, Shanghai- and not in the USA?

People here consistently strive to give me their best service as also job security and social security is lacking here; also these venues are at the most trafficked locations of the megapolis.

On the way home, in the subway station nearest to where I live is opening a food court. And today I purchased 2 milk tea coconut nata jelly’s at one of the drink stores. These were entrepreneurs or franchisee owners. Giving there best to compete in this saturated market. And if they lose their investment and time are all lost as there are no tax advantages here.

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