another day in police state, Shanghai

Around 13:45, I was waiting for the nurse on the 2nd floor of the neighborhood medical clinic I had gone to this morning. I wanted to know if that doctor would return.

Soon, the nurse affirmed that, then I ran to the 3rd floor for an acupuncture session as I had already registered for that this afternoon.

Then I realized I was missing my backpack with all the medicine and my credit cards and a lot of cash, for some reason- I ran to the 1st floor reception area.

Then I scurried off to the Qinghai Muslim restaurant that I had lunch at. But the manager and sister-in-law said I had not carried in or out a backpack, just that large bag that I had found on the street earlier. He told me to retrace my steps.

So I went to the Metro Station and asked, then rather than wait 2 minutes for a subway, I decided to take the taxi, which did not save any traveling time, nor save any expense- but at least I got o chat with the 18 year veteran driver.

When I got to the hospital, a person, I assume attends the large reception area clean, said that she hadn’t seen me come in with a backpack nor leave with one, as she did recognize me.

Then I went to the area I picked up my September blood test and they affirmed that. NOW I was suspicious.

The counter people did tell me where the guards w/video recordings were, so I went. But the guards said that I needed their bosses OK to review the footage.

So I went to that office, and they told me to call emergency and report the “crime”. I definitely felt bad over that and thought this could get out of hand, so I called my uncle who lives in the 1940s neighborhood behind the hospital.

While I was waiting for the police, the uncle returned to get his mobile phone. When the police arrived, he came with his daughter.

So we went back to the guard post and the video began to review 12:05-12:30; but then my cousin identified that I had taken photos on my IPOD touch of my blood pressure at 11:56.

So the tape was rewound to there, and we saw that I had taken off my windbreaker setting it on my backpack while I was taking my blood pressure on the machine. Which also showed I left with the backpack on my back.

I felt remorseful for wasting the two policemens’ time, but my cousin said THAT’S THEIR JOBS (nanny society).

While I returned to my neighborhood, I asked a wholesaler on the way to that Metro Station, if I had left my backpack. They responded: NO, but you did leave wearing a backpack. Then I remembered that I had jammed onto the elevator and had to pivot for the doors to close as I was transferring subway lines.

I first returned to the restaurant where the manager still denied my bringing in or out a backpack, just he and his older brother remember the big bag.

Distraught, I returned to the clinic- and there it was on the registration counter facing the entrance.

Then I ran to the 2nd floor where the nurse said the doctor was free, but I told her that I had an appointment with Chinese medicine department.

While I was running up and down the stairs to pay the fee, the doctor told me not to worry of being over-medicined from taking also the new blood pressure medicine.

So I ended the day hooked up to the electric acupuncture machine, which for that half hour cost 53RMB or $7.50.

The other 2 doctor appointments’ cost 22RMB and the month of blood pressure and carbohydrate medicines cost 370RMB.

That is a day in a nanny state.

Earlier before that incident, I had gonw to that hospital (formerly The 4th People’s Hospital) to double check the the clinic’s prescrption. After that, I was chatting with my uncle how I viewed China as a POLICE STATE.

He, who was born right after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and survived through the tumultuous and devistating Mao Era, then worked his ASS off as a bone specialist doctor in the post-Mao Era, his salary climaxing at US$2000/month before aged retirement.

Today, the day after or Thursday, January 26, 2017, after lunch at a 3 floored British restaurant across the street from the original Shanghai USA Consulate, while unlocking my bicycle, I noticed a rather well-dressed couple pulling out a cup for their son, motioning for him to urinate.

I told them, there was a free restroom on the 2nd floor. But they declined. The reason I know they are either newcomers or visitors to Shanghai is that residents who despose on the sidewalks, JUST DO IT, and no tidiness or discretion made.

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