with Chinese characteristics

I was in a pretty good mood today, despite it being 38C recorded when I left. That I had the choice to ride a bike to the nearby mall; or walk 300m to the air-conditioned Metro, for that 2km distance- which I did not have that leisure before February 2015.
The Putou government had delayed the opening of the Daduhe Metro because it was unforeseen if there would be sufficient demand for the new 7-building business complex or the larger 5sq km Changing Central Business District. So despite in winter 2012-13 there were shells of buildings completed around the parameter of the CBD, just no tenants- like Lujiazui 1997-2003.

Any day I go to the Apple Store for After-Sales service is a good- no, a magnificent day. Today is Thursday; and last I went to the Apple Store in Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong and premier xiaolongbao houses in TST Din Tai Feng— that was an absolutely amazing day!

I’m in dearth of continual positive stimuli. But today I made the mistake of selling too much today, when sufficient would have been sufficient. I used to ride my bike for that continual endorphin high!

I figured that if I went to Shanghai Disneyland that that would give me a fantasy euphoria like each time in the past 10 years going to Shanghai’s Lujiazhui amazing futuristic optimism!

At 15:30 after a most positive appointment at the Apple Store, I left the food court leaving my Mac there, in less than to minutes I ran back seeing the red bag there untouched.
After a while watching young girls jumping infant of the soccer display, I relieved myself.

Feeling less congested, I figured that maybe I needed to do something else than return to my residence and figured I could quickly check out Shanghai’s Disneyland.
The Metro ride was amazing, shooting thousands of passengers 60km to the Disney Resort Station in under an hour.
Once I got out of the station, instantly I was full of dread and depression. It was 38Celsius! And despite this being the countryside of Shanghai the congestion and the oppression of the muggy climate of the Yangtze River Basin did not lift.
It was 2/3 of a km to the front gates of Disneyland from the Metro Station, I thought “Where is the monorail? Or is Disney skimping to maintain the Chinese characteristics?”
Ripping off the customer, to those that can afford Disney Parks go to those in the USA. Anything else is a bastardisation of the true Disney experience.

I spoke to someone from Nanjing who was taking snap shots and not entering the Park, though he mentioned that he was there on the 2nd opening day, a few months ago.
Less than 1/2 an hour later, I was enjoying my first-550ml of well chilled pretty tasteless bottled water, but never-the-less that fits the humidity. And soon I am slumbering while the subway shoots through 60km of tunnels to bring me back to Daduhe Rd Station in an hour. There at Lawson’s (Japanese 24 hour convenience store) I am still fairly upset at the from from less than magical experience.

While chugging a few toxic Chinese Diet Coke lights, the Lawson girl asks me (or I told her) what a rip off Shanghai Disneyland is. She inquires isn’t that for kids one anyways?
Far be it for her to ever afford a ticket at her current pay scale. Then I add that the Metro is simply amazing and magical while the chilled beverages were affordable; unlike in the USA, or rather the San Francisco Bay Area, one has to coordinate antiquated different systems of public transportation that still uses technology of the last century, AND it takes a long time. And for refreshments that would be 3x the price and the public transportation 7x the price (mine was 12RMB for the Metro and 12 RMB for 2-550ml of chilled bottle water and 2-330ml toxic Diet Coke).
So after that I felt happy that I am in the right place.

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