how do they afford rent?

Yesterday, one of my 2.1 liter canister’s caps was misplaced, I had bought that over 2 years ago for only 20 RMB, and then a few months ago I had bought two more for 26 RMB each. As since January I had been brewing my own coffee or tea, to save money.

As I was trying to figure what I wa going to do as I was leaving after 2PM. On my way out, I figured I would go to the neighborhood wet market and pick up two more and proceed to the newer mall 1 km from where I live and have 水饺 at the even newer 北东 eatery loaded with lots of crushed garlic!
As I was riding my bike, I intentionally missed the right turn to go to the wet market as the temperature was favourably around 26C, as the local newspaper advertised the longest spring weather (Jun 7, 2016
Shanghai enjoyed longest spring this year | Shanghai Daily– it was damn hot when I came from San Francisco 19 years ago in 1997; and was proceeding to the wholesalers where I had a few days ago bought a bunch of odds and ends, such as ten beer bottle openers to attach my keys amongst other two specific other things.
This is a shoppers paradise, traveling principally between Shanghai, Hong Kong and occasionally to San Francisco.
Less than two weeks ago, I had bought an IPhone and Time capsule at the newest Canton St Apple Store, and then conveniently traveled on the Western MTR line from TsimshaTsui and a minibus that brought me to the Shenzhen border in 50 minutes, something unheard of a decade ago, or at least impossible to travel so far, making also those connections in modern transport in the SF Bay Area; as for the past 6 years the government can’t even get the High Speed Rail project proceeding, which I rode RT on the Chinese High Spped Rail from Beijing to Shanghai August 2011.
So I live in a resident motel near the unversity I resided when I first decided to live in Shanghai, now almost 19 years ago. And have had a unit in the suburbs since 2010, to keep the stuff I have stockpiled since 1997, typical American– too much stuff!

After only one km near a major intersection (actually the famous CaoAn Siuper Wet Market complex relocated North a year and a half across the street where there are now a dozen building cranes in the lot building a residential unit in that favorable location. Famous Cao’an wet market to close because Shanghai doesn’t have …

I decided to eat wonton and 粽子 at that cheapie restaurant, but I wasstill pondering why go there. When I opened the door a blast of cold air pleasantly greeted me. And I realized why I was eating there rather than better tasting or even cheaper alternatives.

At the cash register, was a lady customer complaining of the frigidness, while I complimented the management. They to supplement their income apparently make 粽子 there to distribute. So the restaurant temperature must be kept cold at that temperature.
After my order, a few more guys complained of the temperature, while I typed in total compliments to my Wechat account featuring the restaurant.
This is probably my fourth time coming to this restaurant in two weeks, after long not going to the Yunnan restaurant next door that I had discovered 3.5 years ago– enjoying their rice noodles until I had a few digestive issues– enjoying their most affordable wonton (considering the health and hygiene rules restaurants must obey in Shanghai) and more expensive 粽子.
The restaurant never has been busy, as I had always wondered how long they would last here and then succomb to the landlord.

After eating I rode to the wetmarket of my 唐阿姨’s late boyfriend. And then went to the nearby shopping center for some icy with my 1st cold coffee brew.

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