More Evil, Most Evil

Today after I had bought two bamboo pillow cases, the old man said: you look hot.

Not that my sweating profusely is unusual for me during this time of the year, but I responded: I JUST GOT A TRAFFIC TICKET FROM THE [asshole] police, for the 2nd time, but this time going the other direction!

It was only 20 RMB, but the entrepreneur whom I have known for over a year understands the hassles of the Shanghai police.

This time I had argued more than last time, and the street cop in charge looks like Judd Nelson in  Billionaire Boys Club(1987) full movie – YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 19.22.05.png

▶ 3:08:11

Billionaire Boys Club, full movie. … Judd Nelson is back in the new 2016 remake as his character Joe Hunt’s ..

EVIL and Intimidating! But unsuccessful in intimidating me he resolved to ask me if I had my ID, passport, where I was from and where I live. Tired of his malarkey- I then tried to shove 20 RMB to get it over faster, acting as if I were anybody. Then he was distracted to the next prey.
While the officer writing the ticket asked me to write down my name and sign it. Whom I conversely treated with the utmost respect, as I know such jobs are quite harsh.
In 2012, I got an illegal violation ticket in Belmont, which I took pictures and wrote a thorough account on Yelp
Finally when I realized that it would be too hard to meet a day in court, I paid off the $240 ticket.
For three and a half years I lived in Beijing and despite never getting a ticket or any confrontation with the cops there. The intimidating, SWAT team and police presence is the most denegrating.
Migrants without permets would get confronted by 2 officers, who told them to leave, then a female or a lesser officer, would listen to their pleas for mercy and issue the ticket.
I have lived in Shanghai for the past 4 years and for the past 11 years previous to Septemeber 2008 when I left for my Beijing Ordeal.
I appreciate the ability of the street police to take the time to listen to the complaints of the ordinary folk.
Some people may call me a Commie suckup, that I may be but what this has to do is quality of life, where it is not in the San Francisco Bay Area, and fully realized in Shanghai [with regular day trips to Hong Kong].
Here in Shanghai with tens of millions have the dignity of life, traveling the most efficient subways or buses. How high one can dreams is the only limitation!
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