Why I don’t get involved

Besides all the complexities in my family. Over 40, never been had a girlfriend.

I simply want to find a man who dearly loves me. Why is it so difficult?

As NPR’s Frank Langfitt, brilliantly illustrates some of the complexities in the younger sister’s life, there is deception, to government authorities, health records and even manipulation in the relations.

“Against the family’s wishes, Little Sister left school at 16 and moved to the city. With few skills, she fell into sex work.”

“‘It’s just for survival,’ said Big Sister.”

“Many women worked in factories. The brighter ones went into professions. Big Sister, for instance, became a nurse. Those with fewer skills, like Little Sister, sometimes ended up in massage parlors.”

“[Mpved to] Yunnan, she tried to reinvent herself — something that is becoming as much a part of modern Chinese culture as it is in the U.S. Little Sister studied business books to learn about investing. She looked into buying a bar and becoming a legitimate businesswoman.”

“[She] married a rubber farmer. After little more than a month, though, she left him. She told Big Sister that her husband accused her of cheating on him.”

The day they picked up their marriage license, in October 2013, the clerk asked her to produce a divorce certificate. Her husband-to-be was stunned.

“‘Before we got our marriage license, she had just divorced a guy, just a month earlier,’ he said. ‘When we were dating, she didn’t tell me that.‘”

A Forged Medical Report

“[At] Little Sister’s empty apartment,. Big Sister discovered medical results on a coffee table, showing that her little sister was pregnant a few months before she disappeared. Earlier, her family had also found a love note revealing Little Sister was having an affair with the handsome businessman — something he’d denied during our long lunch.”

There was something odd, too, about the pregnancy results. The little sister’s given age was wrong, making her seem a decade younger. Puzzled, Yang and I went to the hospital that issued the document and showed a copy to several doctors.

‘Where was this test done?’ asked one physician. ‘It’s not done by us. Our department doesn’t have a doctor by this name or an ID number like this. This report is fake!‘”

Another physician called up Little Sister’s medical records and found an earlier, legitimate pregnancy test, which had been negative. He said Little Sister appeared to have created the positive test report using a Microsoft Word document.”

“Why would someone forge a pregnancy test?”

“‘Some girls want to take some leave from their jobs,’ said the first doctor. ‘Others lie to a man, saying ‘I’m pregnant’ to get a sum of money.‘”

Little Sister didn’t have a job, but she did have some money, so Yang and I suspected there was probably another motive. What had started as a hopeful search was turning more ominous.

Yang and I called the businessman. We expected him to hang up. Instead, he spoke for 40 minutes and came clean about the affair. He said he and Little Sister had fallen in love.

‘She wanted me to get a divorce and then marry her,’ he explained. ‘But I told her when this all started, ‘I have a family.‘ ”

End of Empire • 15 hours ago
“Little Sister’s story of failed reinvention — with potentially fatal consequences — is a particularly Chinese one.”

No, it’s not. It’s not even a Chinese story. This is the story of poor women, the men who exploit them, and economic reality. Poor women have zero value in this world. Ask the women in the maquiladoras in Mexico if they recognize this story. Would a Rohingya woman think this was a Chinese story? Go ask girls in Moldova if they think this is unique. Heck, go ask women in Los Angeles or Chicago or Appalachia or anywhere in the US with large concentrations of poor if the abuse, murder, lack of options, and institutional apathy/hostility described here resembles their lives.
hmmm555 • 9 hours ago
Was there a larger point to this story? I’m sure an incident like this could be found in any US city. Why would you have to go to China to report on a story of personal drama. I don’t think it says anything culturally about China. What an odd piece of journalism.
ALL due respect, I have Shanghai friend who got married pregnant, then divorced. Then another man impregnanted her. Sister-in-law is still my friend

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