WHAT mattered on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today, was a dreary, darkened rainy day. But the temperature warmed up this afternoon.

On the way back to where I live, enroute to have 2 more soy milks and sweet pastry. I passed by a Qinghai Sunni family restaurant to pick up a 5 RMB tke out of their pull noodles.
When I entered the restaurant, I was astonished as the under 14 year old (probably younger fresh from graduating from elementary school) was cooking dishes  for the clientele. Previously, she was in charge of the bill (cashier).

After I finished my soy milk and pastry, I took the bus back to nearest where I live and went to pick up more pull noodles from the similar Islamic restaurant in my neighborhood.

I told the young manager that I was impressed as this girl has shown much more responsibilities than his niece, also just graduated from elementary school. That the first girl had exhibited skills that is 1) advertisable 2) her exhibited skills finds her a superior  marriage mate.

The young manager said his niece could do that also. I said, but I saw the other little girl working, but also in the rest of the world this is called child abuse (underage employment. Actually China has rules that minors under 15.5 can not work for companies or seek employment.

I told him yes his niece can do this, but I saw, the other girl doing those things. As the conversation wore on, I ended that I regret that when I went to school, I solely focused on the academic benefits and none of the other parts or involved myself to better develop other skills.


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