Apple Store is the best!

Last Friday, December 12th, my newer Mac was acting like a Vista Basic Chinese computer, fairly dreadful.

I kept on having to restart it. Eventually the AC wasn’t lighting to indicate charging. Unfortunately, I had to do a visa run the next day, so I didn’t set an Apple Care appointment.

Also I had to drag all the computer, and Time Capsule backup to HK. With my duffle bag, that was the only thing I did in HK. An hour later, I took the E22 to Kowloon Tong and a short walk over to the Apple Store.

There there were no available Apple Care appointments, but I had my TimeCapsule back up drive to first back up this computer.

After a few Apple dudes, the second was able to tell me how to do the back-up despite my forgetting the password (reset). He spent an hour and a half with me (I also purchased 2 IPAD mini 2s and another AC cord as my original was still not working).

It took about 3.5 hours for the back-up, during which time I set-up the Mini and I called Apple IAPM Shanghai to set an appointment, but that was inconclusive as the person who answered the phone seemed to be missing a few.

It was past 4 PM when the back-up was done, then I immediately took off to Jordan to eat (looking forward to some Vietnamese food). Unfortunately, I could not find a restaurant and ended up eating at the Wonton house and Australian Dairy Company restaurants as I did the previous time.

After which I just went back to the airport,but saved HK$20 taking a local bus rather than an Airport one.

The next morning my body was in traction so I did no go to church.

On Monday, I took the bus closest to IAPM mall, and the Apple dude set an appointment for me the next day.

On Tuesday, my AC was charging, so I figured I would have them check out the looseness of the Thunderbolt and USB ports.

The most attractive Apple gal agreed that one of the ports was loose and said it would be serviced.

That evening, first I got a call for the password (which I had given the gal); then a few hours later, I got a call that my computer would not be serviced.

Which was ok, but what happened the next day utterly surprised me! There was surveillance blocking software on my computer!

As I started the VPN, the google page went to rather than the VPN’s European location. Then personalized was also blocked.

I contacted those I knew on Quora for advice (better accounts of the situation).

Quickly I learned that if I set two VPN accounts was able to be registered.

Then near noon on Friday, I could no longer set my VPN. No google or other blocked sites was fairly drastic.

For 12 hours I was irritated, then I read some of the VPN directions and at least one VPN could be set, that means Twitter access was OK.

A few minutes later a technician over Skype contacted me. And for the next hour, she patiently led me to set a Chrome app for the VPN.

That is life in China victory over circumstances!

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