is it worth it

On Thursday, I went to the Bible Study of my former Youth Group leader. I was young at one time.

Outwardly she looked run down, a lot older than a year and a half ago, when incidentally she had a motorbike accident.

In 1996-97, I was attending a Cn church at the premises of the Church in San Francisco I went to in my high school years.

There was a George and Betty Anderson who sort of guided me and Aldo. He had been an elder that was ejected from the Church in Berkeley during the late-50-60s.

They looked worn too.

A few years later, having moved to Oklahoma City, George had died. Betty responded, not affirmatively that he is in heaven, but that he was in a better place.

Teacher Jiang: Emphasized that with much suffering brings her closer to God’s Son.

That is something I definitely did not learn in Sunday School or in the American Church’s preaching.

Was it worth it? I don’t think so. …

And it gets rougher!

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