off to Shanghai



For the entire week I was looking forward to come back to the hostel so that we (me and Gary, a carpenter) could eat steak together. On Monday, I went to Costco and he went to Trader Joes.

So he showed me how simply it took to prepare a great looking and tasty meal. Saving me a lot of money in the future.

Today Friday, the Chongqing girl sleeping at my feet indicated that she was taking out her blender– as I wanted to grind all the tomatoes and the left over veggies from last night. I tore off the white meat from the Costco chicken bought yesterday and heated it in the tomato base on the stove.

After eating I was fret that this was a waster of time. But returning to my room I saw Gary and his friend. As he was permitted to take all his luggage that he left here.

That brought closure and meaning to the extra few days that I stayed in San Francisco and now can look forward to eating with my sister and perhaps her in-laws and be proud of what had transpired for me during the past three weeks.

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