Fort Mason Hostel

Sunday evening after my devotions I really had nothing to do. I had watched a movie on the large screen Annie Hall, read over all my news and wasn’t even all that hungry from those 2 bagels and wanton I had eaten while watching the movie. The Yuen Biao movie was also boring.

So while walking about in the lobby, Gary an elderly man that I first met on Friday night took me to the kitchen. And before I knew it with many other people, I was cooking (kind of reminding myself of that awful Microsoft commune commercial from a year ago. First Gary was offering his humus and dips to everyone there; than he was carving off the white meat from my Costco chicken breast; while he told me to cook or use up the Nestle tool house cookie batter.

After he finished, we all sat down to eat, while the whole time I had been munching on Costco organic carrots, with anoN ther elderly gentleman from NE CA. After they were done, we were invited to eat with the Thais. Whom the son had done most of the cooking. We ate alittle, with Gary sharing his humus and large grapefruit with all (including the father who was not present).

Afterwards, we all helped clear the table and I specifically rinsed and placed all the dishes and utensiles in the smallish square drying racks. That was a most productive and enlighteniong almost 3 hours that would have otherwise been wasted.

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