Airbus A380 Sq Air

I slept very bad as I fret over my travel demands.

Got to the Pudong International Airport at 6:25, had gone through check-in in 15 minutes.

I contemplated of why wasn’t SFO nearly as efficient as this.

The HKG airport bus got to Tsim Sha Tsui around 11:40, figured that there were no services until 14:00, so I walked through Granville Rd to Salisbury at the corner of Mody, Siberian Fur was boarded up, as were many other shops and stores either closed or boarded closed. I got my glasses fixed at Swiss Optical by the assistant that has been there for over 15 years, she seemed uncommonly happy today, when I finally asked her name, which was Connie.

After going to HMV and buying some DVDs, I went to YMCA TST to church and the service I attended was a Filipino one. They were having prayer intercession before the service. Also a half dozen people had greeted me before it began; whereas when I came to another service last time, the message was about getting the lost and none even acknowledged me, I was exasperated!

After the service I went back to HMV picked up some more cheaper DVDs then returned to the airport.

I was in the prayer room for less than 2 hours, while many Islam worshipers did their prayers.

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