What happened to Coca-Cola Zero in Cn?

Because I am in Shanghai (diseased pig water), I have been looking forward for most of the week to drinking Coca-Cola Zero.

After eating some local ice cream (sugar), I endeavored on drinking the 1st of the 4 half liter bottles of Coke Zero.

I remember in the past as it being superior to Diet Coke in taste and having Splenda.

It was bitter like having saccharin and actually tasting like Diet Coke without the crispness, to that I figured it was because the soda was older probably in a plastic bottle, but I did not remember Coke tasting so flat when in 2-liter bottles when first opened in college in Los Angeles, only after some time in the 3-liter bottles.

As I left the shopping center, I looked carefully at the bottle for a Splenda trademark, but seeing none.

Then I had my third bottle which the contents flowed out of the bottle. At least it tasted zippy (mouth feel).

Then the fourth bottle, it tasted just as the first two, flat and bitter.

Then I went online off the wikipedia page, since it did not specify the current sweetener, cocacolazero.com was directed to http://facebook.com/cokezero. The icoke.cn page was of no use also.

I recall that the Coca-Cola Company bought rights to Nutrasweet before it lost its copyright.

On the Splenda wikipedia page mentions that Splenda lost its patent infringement case to Cn copycat producers in 2009.

Well the quality control of it needs to be done correctly, because the Coca-Cola Zero was flat and taste is not right.

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