Shanghai water scandal

With the dumping of diseased pigs upstream from Shanghai into the Huangpu River, a primary source of water for Shanghai, I first was not too concerned as I tried to itemise how much drinking of tap water has occurred over the past week. Soy Milk, the vendor uses boiled water. and possibly the fast food noodles … maybe I ought to go to Starbucks because the coffee might be lousy but at leaf the water is filtered well …

Then I thought I was gracious to G Chen an importer of various liquids when in Beijing told me not to drink boiled water for tea, so I reverted to 13 liter Qinghua distilled water cooler sorts for the rest of my time in Beijing.

Now I am very grateful for that suggestion, considering the diseased pigs and other carcinogens in the disgusting Cn water ways. In 1997 taking “cruises” between Shanghai and Beijing, I was astounded as passengers would throw off various things off the side of the ship.

Admittedly at college I would be too lazy and go around the building to throw out the trash and would just dump the bags outside the ground floor room. But in Shanghai, I got so lazy that I would toss rotten fruit out the window of my 13th floor apartment!

I figured the municipal government would adequately pasteurize the tap water for consumption, the ageing water pipes are another story.

If anything occurs as a result of this piggie dumping water scandal, FDI would slow to a trickle …

While listening to APM’s Marketplace tho morning, there began another story on food safety in Jp.

“If he (David Wagner) wants fish — here in the land of sushi — he mail-orders it, canned.
‘From everything I read, nobody can say definitively or non-definitively that it’s safe or not safe, and that’s what’s confusing for people like me,’ he says.

‘I just do not eat the fish in Japan anymore,” he says. ‘They can’t test all the fish.'”

If sterile Jp can not trust the safety of its food supply, I would shudder to think if people could trust the FDA or any other government agency.

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