I’m conflicted.

Elderly people in Shanghai look decades younger than their Beijing or global citizens. It is muggy and humid here and people eat, or rather ate, very leafy green diets here. I did that from 1997-2008 in Shanghai and 2008-2012 in Beijing.

In Beijing my diet became less disciplined, also I quit fasting frequently as I rode my bicycle further and longer– inhaling deeply that ever increasingly toxic air!

I did fast longer from February-May of 2012, hoping to clean out those toxins and revitalize my blood pressure where it had gone up in Shanghai 115-65 to 170-110 Beijing.

When in Shanghai, I began eating healthy also fish, but because of the poisonous waters by July eliminated that. I also had great difficulty not adding new crap to my diet (not any worse than a typical American diet though). Everything is lethal here, the water (dead pigs in the SHA water source), the highly pesticides fruits and vegetables, the animals have growth hormones, the grains are GM so that the people do not starve as easily.

I am also gluten sensitive, but because of the temperature extremities not accustomed to, I eat huge amounts of carbohydrates. So I bloat.

I guess I am not conflicted, I just have to be ever more careful in my dietary choices.



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