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10:13 PM on 03/04/2013

“exploiting the Chinese people and at the same time funding the evil Chinese state.”

Grow up, better yet don’t buy Cn products since it seems to go against your conscience.


A Hahn

4 hours ago ( 3:15 PM)

I’d love to stop buying Chinese products. Too bad China’s aggressive and unfair trade practices have made that impossible.





samuel liu

1 second ago samuel liu
It is not impossible.

But due to the USA government’s kowtowing to the global corporations thirst for cheapest production costs, and the consumer desire for lowest prices and shareholder’s requirement for optimum return, living such a non-Cn life is virtually impossible.

It’s just like Eve in the garden, she had a choice. But the serpent made it so much more alluring.

Finally quit complaining of stuff you know little about.

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