WSJ: Old China hands recall their inaugural trips to the Middle Kingdom, back when Maoist correctness still reigned.

Dear Andrew:

Not an old hand, just old. If you read my posts on seekingalpha or huffingtonpost occasionally, I mention the civility of the Shanghainese as opposed to 5 years ago. What is the hell is the wrong with certain Euro-Americans in the Bay Area.

20 years ago, Cn was nothing. Now it owns them and they tremble. So I get bullied.

I talk about Shanghainese all the time, to them to Beijingers, to migrants, and now the rest of the world through my posts.

In Beijing, I spoke often about the hospitality of them and why were the Shanghaiers so rude: night and day. Then I would contrast with specific occurrences.

Well today and for the past year, I have been talking to Shanghaiers about how they have changed for the better. They don’t shout and argue any longer. I haven’t seen a single cop for any reason. The streets are safe.

The populus really realized they were on the world stage after the Expo and they really have something to be proud of, basic common decency.

And still affordable.

What about the SF Bay Area? Hasn’t changed much except being unbearably expensive. Coupled with its arrogance and contentiousness.

That’s the blessings I get from riding a bike how community and people react to you. The infrastructure in the Bay Area, sucks. Sure Shanghai street maintanence has declined somewhat, but with the current bike has no problems.

What hostel were you in.


On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 10:04 AM, Andrew wrote:

Hi Sam, an interesting article indeed. I went to China in 1983- Beijing- w/ my dad, stayed in a old hostel…lots of memories.

How are you doing, are you in Beijing or Shanghai? You are also an old China hand now, I’m surprise that you can stay such a long

time in China, after all you are raised in the US, such hugh difference, but of course less so for the past 10 years.

Andrew (my sister’s husband)

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