introspection in China After Infant Killed in Carjacking

““ Who’s going to save our souls?””

Life is tough here.

I remember in 1997, my step-father saying that the nurses said: don’t worry if we lose him, there will just be another one.

My Auntie (mother’s cousin) also told me: Don’t help other’s when they have fallen because you are likely to be blamed for it.

Then when I ask people here: Why weren’t people conscious of their decorum or consideration because, in Confucianism, one has to be cognizant of one’s place in community.

The response: Society got to big! …

Being a Christian and not a flighty, nor a societal one, I ponder such issues. Then I have always wondered why the Expat Christians and the local Christians are distanced. Even if they worship in the same sanctuary.

Whenever I go through ordeals, I often ponder if I was born in Cn and had to go through the Mao Tse Tung era of CCP as God, would i have been able to stand up on my stool.

I doubt it. Then I would find some self-justification to make me feel like what I did was ok.

The Western press reports things that most often the reader has no idea what the circumstances are behind all this. It is not the press cores fault, nor so much the reader.

But poverty in Cn is what the UN defines it US$2.50 and below/day and even the Cn Statistical bureau fudges those numbers to take out those to lessen those that are in poverty to make the CCP be able to ride on its laurels.

The Party has been unable to contain inflation since 2005 so we do not here of the silent majority thrown back into gruelling poverty.

So the Usonian reader considers poverty to be under US$20,000 /year with access to all the accessibility to the products of the modern family, Iphone, Nikes etc.

It is difficult to tale one out of the environment to understand another’s culture.

But before you become judgemental think: would I be able to survive in Cn?


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