less than inflation

Got a Singapore Airlines roundtrip from HKG-SFO. The Hong Kong flight (near midnight) is on the colossal A380. I wonder how that’ll feel.


At any rate when I purchased my first SQ ticket RT [SFO-HK], September 1985, the ticket was $800. Over the subsequent years to HK, I have taken only SQ or Cathay Pacific, American-based Airlines no comparison!


Before 09/11/01, I took a delayed flight to Toronto on Northwest Airlines. Number one it was delayed so I had to come back to SFO a few hours later for the midnight flight. Then the stewardess which there was no service, reminded me of the Kathy Bates Steven King “Misery” character.


At any rate in Detroit airport layover I read the NW magazine, when the CEO said that he hoped that the college students would upgrade to Business Class after graduation.


I thought: “What is he thinking, but if SQ wanted me to pay 4x, that would be no problem.” Of note though, this 2013 ticket (usually Asia-originated tickets are more expensive than USA ones) is only 20% more than 18 years ago.


I can attest to the cost of living going up at least 50% in the Stanford University Area from Summer 2009-Winter 2012.


Singapore Airlines is the best!

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