cut my finger

or rather, yesterday some guy pointed out my finger was bleeding. It wasn’t just bleeding, the blood was free flowing. So another guy suggested I go to Emergency.

Things in Cn are not that simple. #1I did not have my passport. The finger was bandaged up, that just slowed the bleeding.

I thought why would I need stitches. The 1st time I had stitches was in 2005 at Tong Ji Hospital in Wuhan.

What is going on in society today.

Nevertheless, after I took a shower I put on a bandage, then this morning bought some Cn antibiotic spray.

But when did people lose the patience to wait for a wound to heal using bandages.

I looked at my thumb finger nail which I lost half of it over 10 years ago, which has grown back– but the attaching skin is still recovering shape.

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  1. Tony says:

    Nice blog. I’m going to bookmark it. Thanks!

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