A few days I downloaded Ghostery to block cookie access to my computer. I thought Firefox blocked cookies since i can’t access my Y-mail on it. And I also read that Safari blocked cookies.

Nevertheless, I allowed cookie access to Yahoo and Google (not microsoft) through the Ghostery set-up on Firefox and Chrome since I enjoy the former’s services non gratis.

Surprisingly, I found that in addition to Google cookies accessing my hard drive, first Fox Interactive Network (FIN) and Gomez overcame the barriers to gain access.

As I was writing a note to FIN: I realized that I do subscribe to WSJ and wsj.com. I pay for that access.

Google and Yahoo have much delicious filling (advantages) to enjoy their services. I am grateful to ghostery to let us control and realize inordinate intrusions. We should begin writing campaigns to prevent inordinate access to our computers.

I wonder if that is our right.

My Request:

Dear Gomez/Fox Interactive Network:

I block access to your cookies, nevertheless, it invades my computer.

Please tell me how to block access.


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1 Response to OREOs

  1. samuel Liu says:

    i was disturbed that also FACEBOOK CONNECT was sometimes throwing cookies on some of the websites i searched. how does facebook get through the cn great firewall, so i suppose i won’t worry about the cookies

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